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The motorized recliner chair has the top of the linear motor, convenient and quiet tilting mechanism, bonded leather cushion and the overall ultra thick filling, to provide you with the utmost comfort.
The motorized recliner chair is the smallest angles in vertical position completely.
The motorized recliner chair is very easy to assemble - just in the back of a chair to rest and inserted into the motor!
The motorized recliner chair will provide ultra comfortable experience, the power supply can easily complete vertical position on the couch. The soft and durable leather is decorated in brown and black, which is also an ideal gift for the elderly.

This push back recliner chair is decorated with 100% polyester barley.
This push back recliner chair is a solid wood birch frame structure that is very durable. Solid wood legs.
Comfortable arm support and wide seat size, decorated in luxurious barley figure, make the reclining chair a stylish lounge chair. The solid wood turns the legs together with the finishing touches.
This push back recliner chair is a traditional push-back lounge chair.
This push back recliner chair is made of polyurethane foam pads, polyester and pocket coils that sit comfortably.
The assembly is very easy.

This modern design-style white leather recliner chair combines three functional elements: aiming, sliding, and keeping you comfortable. The surface of this white leather recliner chair covers the bonded leather chair of the padded head.
This white leather recliner chair is designed for the ultimate comfort of a white bonded chair. Whether it's reading a book or watching sports, it's a chair everyone wants to sit in. Comfortable gliding and modern design make this lounge chair a complement to your study, bedroom, living room or basement chic and chic. The white leather recliner chair will fit in any room in your home.
Contemporary design.
Rotation, gliding and oblique function.
Rest your head.
The retractable footrest system provides leg support when it opens and hides when it is closed.