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The modern recliner's refreshing and casual style goes well with modern, traditional, and rustic decor.
The modern recliner USES rugged green materials, stainless steel PU leather upholstery, and two built-in cup-holders to provide dinner theater experience at home.
The modern recliner has 110 degrees and 145 degrees of backrest, comfortable and chunky cushions to accompany your work, leisure and rest.
Simple side latches simultaneously raise leg rest and back rest. The modern recliner has a sturdy hardwood frame and is very durable.

This recliner chairs for sale USES fine workmanship to provide high quality furniture. The recliner chairs for sale has grey and brown options.
The recliner chairs for sale is very modern ergonomic. It's also a 2-cup leather chair that fits the modern living room.
This recliner chairs for sale material is healthy, meets the standard quality material, has no cancer raw material, low gas emission production, is very safe for the family.

This recliner armchair USES LVL, laminated veneer wood. Better than steel or building materials.
Strict 25,000 quality and life tests
Features of this recliner armchair:
Add some style and appeal to your home with this recliner armchair.
The fine appearance of beautiful cemented leather upholstery;
Armrests of extra padding supported by arms;
The ventilation side panels on the seat and back are added to the appeal;
Height and tilt adjustment allows you to customize the chair for convenience and support;
You can easily move your chair with a double wheel of a hat.
5 star nylon base to keep the chair stable;
360-degree rotation ability provides a lot of convenience;
Smooth leather upholstery will keep you incredibly comfortable at work;
A stretchable footstool;
Multiple adjustments can effectively alleviate and relieve tension and muscle pressure;
To hide behind a footstool; The Footrest has an Angle under the chair so that when the user sits up straight, it doesn't get in the way
The bias option can easily change your posture by tilting the blade back.