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Before I bought in the microfiber rocker recliner, I put it and amazon on a similar microfiber rocker recliner careful comparison, finally bought okyoo this chair, now I have to say I really made a right decision. The microfiber rocker recliner was delivered without any damage, including the case used to carry it. Even if I didn't read the instructions, I easily assembled the microfiber rocker recliner and sat on it really comfortable, and I almost fell asleep.

For this glider rocker recliner chair, I've been commenting for the second time, and that's how I felt after using it for a month. I have to admit that I really love this glider rocker recliner chair! It's cheaper and more comfortable than the glider rocker recliner chair I bought earlier in amazon. The seats are wide, the cushions and backs are soft, and if you can, I really want to bring this glider rocker recliner chair to the company for work because it's really comfortable.

Ever since I bought this leather swivel rocker, I've been looking forward to getting home from work every day and sitting on this leather swivel rocker watching TV or taking a break. It's leather but it doesn't have that strange taste, and the leather swivel rocker looks elegant. My wife and I love this leather swivel rocker and are ready to buy one for our parents.