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This discount recliner chairs sale can rotate 360 degrees, with tilting and upright locking. Its height adjustable, incline adjustable, handrail adjustable.
This discount recliner chairs sale is very ergonomic and is very comfortable in the seat and back of the chair.
This discount recliner chairs sale USES steel frame structure in the chair and back of the chair, which is very strong and durable. This discount recliner chairs sale has a durable cylinder, and the mechanism and caster provide a super stable chair.

Detachable headrest and lumbar pillow make this high back recliner armchair an ideal choice for work, study, and play
Super easy to assemble.
This high back recliner armchair is a high quality racing seat. The main area is the obvious support for a neck pillow and lumbar spine, which allows your neck to be rested and cushioned to support the contours of the head. In the contact area, there are sturdy back upholstered cushions to ensure a comfortable experience while sitting for long periods of time.
Adjust the comfort level - adjust the seat height to your preferred seat position, as you plan your next move. Or just switch to the swing mechanism and move when you shake the swing mechanism.
When you sit on this high back recliner armchair, lean back, or raise your foot, you can adjust the tilt Angle of the chair.

The high back recliner armchair with an adjustable backrest - whether you're watching a movie, drink coffee or play your favorite video game, as long as the lever on one side of the chair, select your location, then it is ok to release the lever.
High quality PU cover for easy cleaning and discoloration helps your chair stand the test of time. The tilting range ranges from 90 to 150 degrees, a customizable feature that reduces spinal pressure when sitting for long periods of time.
The sturdy base provides excellent stability.
The arched bridge mat that accords with ergonomics is filled with soft and dense material.
All functions can meet the needs of different people for a long time to alleviate the fatigue caused by sitting