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The living room chairs with footrest looks better than the picture. Although not as a whole, the assembly process is not complicated. The price is quite reasonable but the quality is much better than I expected. Now I put the living room chairs with footrest in my guest room as a spare bed. It enough space capacious, can sleep two people, one more guest in the home, I arranged three children (are below 6 years old) to sleep in the living room chairs with footrest, they don't feel crowded. The base is strong and will not move easily, so it is very safe. Overall, I'm happy with the living room chairs with footrest.

It was a great purchase! I am still a student, and I don't have a lot of budget to spend on furniture. This living room chairs wood arms makes me feel that every penny I spend is worth it. This is a shocking product compared to the other furniture I have. The living room chairs wood arms doesn't look as cheap as its price, and its smooth, soft leather makes it look luxurious. I was worried that my cat would scratch the surface, so I put an extra blanket on the living room chairs wood arms. My roommates love this chair too. If anyone has a friend to play with, this living room chairs wood arms is a temporary bed, and no one says it's uncomfortable.

This living room x stools was the first piece of furniture in my new home, so I was very happy when it arrived. I have to say it's a great product: it's good quality but cheap, and it's not easy to do. I was a 61-year-old woman, and at first I was afraid I couldn't assemble the living room x stools alone, but it was obviously easier than I thought. The cushions are soft, the middle part juts out, the rest of the chairs are different, the rest are sunken, and they feel very stiff. But this living room x stools only makes me feel infinitely soft and comfortable. I think this is a great purchase, and I strongly recommend this living room x stools.