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The website says the expected delivery time is 15 to 30 working days, so I'm surprised that the living room chairs vancouver bc arrived within 15 days. It was packed so well that the huge boxes filled with a lot of plastic foam to protect the living room chairs vancouver bc from being hit during transportation. It took me a few minutes to assemble the parts, which is not a complicated thing. The living room chairs vancouver bc looks exactly the same as the seller's description, simple and stylish and bright. The fabric of the leather was smooth and soft, and once I accidentally knocked over the food, it was easy to clean it up. Overall, I'm very pleased with the living room chairs vancouver bc.

The living room chairs victoria bc looks just as good as the picture. The boxes looked so small that at first I thought they had mistaken the address. Opening the box, I found that the living room chairs victoria bc was divided into two parts (cushions and brackets), and all the screws were arranged separately in a transparent sealed bag. The assembly process is very simple, I just need to use screws to splice two separate parts together. I like the color, the light caramel gives the living room chairs victoria bc some retro feel. The overall chair is not very heavy, but it is sturdy, because the base is steel frame. It has no rollers, and each bracket is covered with a layer of rubber, so you can safely move the living room chairs victoria bc without scraping your floor. It may look bigger in my photo, but it doesn't really take up much space.

This is a perfect shopping experience, I mean I can't like this living room furniture vancouver. I've been looking for a cheap and comfortable chair for my daughter's nursery, and thank god I did. Its color is very suitable for girls, the light pink is beautiful and not exaggerating. My daughter clearly likes it and has now made this living room furniture vancouver her only place of activity. Its cushion was spacious and comfortable, and I was relieved to let her crawl up and down. Sometimes I would lean it down and sit with my daughter in the living room furniture vancouver, and I would even feed her on this chair. In the evening, I would make it sway gently back and forth, then let my daughter sleep on it and tell her a story, and she would fall asleep soon. I now use this living room furniture vancouver for about half a year, and I hope it will last longer. If so, I will buy it again and use it as a daily chair.