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Before I bought the living room chairs restoration hardware, I read all the comments, and of course, some people liked it, and many people didn't think it was perfect. After a few days of hesitation, I bought the living room chairs restoration hardware. Now I'm glad I made the decision. It looks a lot more expensive than its price, and the dark brown color gives it a little retro feel, and I love it. My fiance took ten minutes to assemble it, and I couldn't wait to sit on the living room chairs restoration hardware. Its surface is a bit hard, but it has a lot of soft filling inside, and the two are well coordinated and comfortable. Rotation, sliding mechanism is very smooth, not suddenly gets stuck, don't know will with the passage of time, we will continue to observe, hope that this living room chairs restoration hardware can keep longer time.

I put the living room chairs red in the living room and used it with some smooth and fine marble upholstery. It looked very fashionable. Its color is not that special bright red, but makes people feel warm. Quality much better than I expected, not like a $180 in a chair, I mean, I have seen similar living room chairs red at amazon, it's price is $499 and there are many bad evaluation. The black solid base bracket looks strong, and I think it's not a problem to support a 100-pound girl. The roller is a good slide, it doesn't make noise, it doesn't scratch my floor, which makes me prefer the living room chairs red. If you're looking for a stylish chair with a reasonable price, the living room chairs red will be a good choice.

I had two children, and they were very naughty, and after they destroyed my last chair, I decided that I would never spend another thousand dollars on a chair. I bought four living room chairs rocking for $1,000, hoping they would last for a while. I just put them together, and it took about twenty minutes. And then my kids can't wait to jump around the living room chairs rocking. I can see that the cushion has some flexibility, which proves that it's not hollow. The base is firm and won't move easily, so I'm sure they're jumping on it. It's been more than six months since I bought the living room chairs rocking, and they still look good, but I don't know how long they can hold out. As far as the present performance is concerned, I am satisfied with the living room chairs rocking.