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This lift lounge chairs are made of PU fabrics, very soft and easy to clean. The lift lounge chairs are made of wood and are very durable. The lift lounge chairs are filled with high-density sponges and sit up to feel very comfortable. Additionally, the lift lounge chairs are assembled very simply and you can complete the assembly in about 10 minutes. There are two cups for this lift lounge chair, and you can rest while enjoying your drink.

The motorized lift recliner quality is high, the function is all ready, very comfortable. Suitable for office, living room, the motorized lift recliner with massage function, it can effectively relax muscle, relieve pain, anxiety and fatigue, improve sleep, finally reached the highest level of energy. The motorized lift recliner soft mat of the traditional design and high quality glue leather to make your home more classic.
The motorized lift recliner product details:
Adjustable back, back and leg rest;
Integrated with a power lift device, the whole chair can be pushed up to help older people stand up.
Wood frame, rugged and durable, suitable for many years;
2 cup holders, one side bag on the side of the handrail, two pockets in front of the handrail;
Soft pad filled with high density foam, very soft and comfortable;
Easy to assemble.

Super deluxe living room deck chair power lifting chair, allow easy sitting. The horizontal and lifting mechanism can be controlled by an attached remote control - the deck chair is driven by a silent motor. The chair is made of a super soft and comfortable leather. Designed to completely tilt and provide ultimate comfort. Some assembly requirements.
Serta lift chair dealers assure you that these two chairs are absolutely high quality, and its unique design gives you maximum comfort. Serta lift chair dealers provide all kinds of furniture, whether it's home or office. If you want to buy a chair, please acknowledge the serta lift chair, which will definitely satisfy you.