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This lift couch for seniors has ergonomic safety handles that balance sitting and standing.
The lift couch for seniors the height and the length of the fully adjustable: tray height from 26 inches to 32 inches, handle height from 34 inches to 40 inches, base from 20 inches to 36 inches long, grip size is 6 * 6 inches.
In addition, this kind of lift couch for seniors can rotate 360 °.

This lift couch for seniors has a super grip that ensures stability and protects your floor from damage. Add a tray that can get more support from your chair and from your chair.
Quick and easy assembly in most chair, sofa and sofa - no tools.
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These small power lift chairs have ergonomic handles that can be supported on any sofa, chair or lounge chair. Attached to the handle is a double rotating tray that rotates 360 degrees to facilitate placement. The small power lift chair tray includes a cup holder and a lengthened compartment that perfectly keeps the items at hand close. This small power lift chair's super grip ensures stability and protects the floor from damage. It works well in the chair, too.
This small power lift chairs are a three-position lifting chair - close, partially oblique, and full tilt. By handy hand stick, you can prevent the chair from closing to full tilt or anywhere from anywhere. This chair is a small, medium-sized chair that occupies a smaller space.
This versatile design features the addition of rolling arms, back buttons and comfortable seats. It has a convenient side pocket to store magazines, newspapers or remote controls. It also has a steel lifting mechanism (325 pounds). The weight limit), the quality is very good.
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