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The power assist lift chair features complete outer arms and back features and better manufacturing products. High quality gel injection foam on all seat surfaces offers a luxurious feel.
The power assist lift chair is framed by hardwood and ocean grade plywood, and the power assist lift chair has impeccable tailoring with all the seam "double seam" to increase the strength. The power assist lift chair is in a two-sided pocket that is on the chair of all healing powers. All the healing power reclining chairs are built with environmentally friendly materials.
Heat and massage - advanced carbon fiber heating in technology, heating evenly and saving energy. Include a variable acoustic massage.
Lift chair weight: 500 LBS

This recliner with lift feature has a motor that controls the back and feet. This recliner with lift feature lets you rise without anticline. This recliner with lift feature product type: unlimited location. Material: artificial leather. Return type: waterfall pillow. Load weight: 350 LBS. Lift chair weight: 105 LBS.
High density spongy cushion to increase comfort;
Metal frame, durable;
The chair has a motor to operate on the back and feet;
Don't you need to lie in a flat position?
No back to back, feet can stand up;
Product type: unlimited location;
Main material: artificial leather;
Return type: waterfall pillow;
Lift chair weight:105 LBS.
This lift chair weight is small, but it carries a lot of weight.

The recliner chair is set on a luxurious black leather that allows you to relax from your seat. The design of the electric wall requires only 4 inches of clearance from walls to slanting or lifting, and USES less floor space when tilting. This lounge chair will be a welcome addition to the study, family room, media room, office or bedroom. Easy to open, close and lift and contain two simple buttons for lifting or tilting, simply keeping the button until your comfort level arrives. The handy pocket in the side of the chair holds a wired controller so that you never forget it. 95-inch power cord UL approval. Covered in luxurious black leather, leather, polyester and polyurethane. Comfortable, top-grade grain leather. Cushion the chair with an entire cushion between the chair and the legs to support the truly comfortable recliner. Soft pad filled with high density sponges, polyester fibers and independent packaging pocket coils. Using laminated hardwood frame, steel inclined mechanism and insulated spring clamp.