The elevating chair is characterized by complete outer arms and back features and better manufacturing products. High quality colloidal foam provides a luxurious feel for all seating surfaces, chaise and arms. This is a lift chair for elderly.Frame - all hardwood and Marine level plywood - perfect cropping, all joints "double seam" to increase strength. Double - side pockets on the power inclined chair in all treatment centers. All the treatments used for environmental protection use power slanting chairs Hot, massage live smart fabrics - technically advanced carbon fiber heats evenly and evenly. Include different acoustic massages. It live smart fabrics are the latest, most advanced technology. The "live smart" fabric provides the ultimate splash and stain, directly embedded in the fiber, without any surface application chemicals. Luxurious touch and feel, these fabrics are "breathable", add additional comfort. This power lift chair for elderly makes it easy to relax! Simply, control the bottom power tilt to a completely tilted position supported by a solid steel structure. Deep body cushions on plush fabrics, soft pillow rests, provide the most comfortable comfort. The chair was perfect -- allowing her to push herself to a standing position with little effort or fear. This chair can be easily assembled. The motor is smooth and the structure of the chair is very soft. It's easy to get together, work quietly, and you can't even hear it running. Old people can feel comfortable lying on it or sitting on it. The size of the chair is appropriate and the customer feels comfortable with the physical experience. It has good cushioning feel support. It's a neutral color, almost like everything else. If you need a choice that can be affordable, I highly recommend it. The assembly is easy, and the customer can complete it on its own without any problems, since it has two parts -- the back and the seat (which is the heaviest part). I'm a highly recommended recliner, and a very good recliner chair for elderly.