leather swivel recliner,small recliner chair,black recliner chair cheap for sale wholesale now

This is a plush leather rocker with leather swivel recliner, high density foam and solid wood frame, providing maximum comfort, flexibility and stability.
This leather swivel recliner USES the best relaxation and heating system of 8 points massage. This leather swivel recliner has 2 cup holders and 3 storage bags, so you can read magazines while drinking.
This leather swivel recliner has a smooth manual back - back mechanism that gives you a good leisure experience. Pull out the lever on the arm of the lounge chair, straighten the foot from the front leg, and then pull the foot back to the foot with the heel until it is not used.

This small recliner chair has a fully filled cushioned seat cushion to comfortably support your back and legs.
This small recliner chair offers you the best comfort for you with a smooth hand reclining function.
The small recliner chair also has the best relaxation of the 8 point massage and a heating system that lets you get a massage at rest.
This small recliner chair is a wooden frame that is rugged and durable. It can be used for a long time and you don't have to worry about its quality.
In addition, the cushion of this chair is full of high-density foam, very soft and comfortable, and the chair is very easy to assemble.

Now, you can take a good rest with this pair of well-designed black recliner chair, which will allow you to sit comfortably in your office chair. This black recliner chair extends backwards to gain greater support. The outside of this black recliner chair provides a solid back support to allow your back to rest comfortably. The lever that leans back allows you to lock in the position you want to achieve maximum comfort. The slide on your feet makes your feet up. If you prefer higher altitudes, the footrest button will raise your foot. This black recliner chair can also easily rotate 360 degrees to maximize your workspace. The pneumatic adjusting handle allows you to easily adjust the seat to reach the height you want. This ergonomic chair will give you the support you need for a day's work.
Contemporary office chair;
High back design and headrest;
Lie back on oar control;
Adjustable and detachable external waist pillow;
Dual paddle control mechanism;
Trim the trim;
Inner-Coil spring pad;
A rotating seat;
Pneumatic seat height adjustment;
Sliding footstool;
Leather soft leather and polyurethane for added flexibility and durability;
Fill CA117 flame retardant foam.

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