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This leather recliner armchair sale features: it is a beautiful high - legged lounge chair, wooden finish frame, artificial high grain leather upholstery, with stitched details and a backside self-tilt movement.
This leather recliner armchair sale's styling fashion: oblique frame, metal reinforced seat, foot pad, tight back and tight seat cushion.
Beautiful appearance: exposed frames and warm wooden decorations. High - elastic foam pads are wrapped in thick polyethylene fibers and leather.
This high recliner chair applies to medium and home space.
We've already shown you what you're looking for, and it's a pleasure to bring home the high recliner chair home. You can browse all the signature design furniture of our company. I hope you will like it.

Resting and relaxing with this high recliner chair will make you feel satisfied. This high quality leather swivel recliner chair sale is made of PU leather and brings the greatest comfort to your life. You can have four focal areas in the chair, and a high or low speed. These include upper back, waist, thighs and legs, as well as five modes where you can choose a pre-set massage. The color allows it to be adapted to almost any interior decoration, and the high recliner chairsy vibrating node can be heated and then heated for a massage. With heated nodes, this chair can relieve muscle stiffness. It also has a thick sponge that makes you feel comfortable lying down. We combine comfort and fashion with this high recliner chair.

This leather swivel recliner chairs sale features:
Beautiful finished products made of PU leather;
You can rotate 360 degrees;
Its relaxation vibration and heating function promote healthy blood circulation, and there are devices to place cups;
Adjustable back to back;
Four focal areas of massage focus;
Five preset massage functions;
Two different speeds, high and low, and heated massage;
The leather swivel recliner chairs sale also comes with additional remote.