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This leather glider rocker recliner is not as big as it might be, but it's enough for normal adults. Its color is my favorite coffee, stylish and noble, and this leather glider rocker recliner
The color matches my other furniture too. I put this leather glider rocker recliner in the living room and it's not crowded at all. Every day, I would accompany my 2-year-old daughter, sitting on the leather glider rocker recliner watching cartoons, which was her happiest moment.

When I was pregnant, my husband bought me this oversized rocker recliner chair, my child has been born for three months now, and I used every day in the oversized rocker recliner chair. Before I was directly to sleep in the above, because the oversized rocker recliner chair has a button, can make a chair completely lie on your back, make you feel like sleeping on the bed. Now I'm in the oversized rocker recliner chair top fed my baby, coax her sleep, completely the oversized rocker recliner chair
Use as a crib. My husband and I are satisfied that such a cheap price can buy such a useful chair.

I really don't like this fabric swivel rocker recliner. Its color is grey, it is my favorite color, not too exaggerated or too rigid. The fabric is also not the kind of rough fabric that feels soft and impresses the fabric swivel rocker recliner. After my father had been there for a week, I had asked me where the fabric swivel rocker recliner was buying and he was going to buy one. He can't believe I can get such a good fabric swivel rocker recliner at such a cheap price. He said he would pick it up on okyoo's website.