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Our fashion house has the function of protecting furniture from stains and pet hair. This large lift recliner chair Suitable for families with infants, children, dogs and cats. This large lift recliner chair can hold the position. This large lift recliner chair has a thick adjustable elastic band to help prevent sliding. It is not recommended for leather. Please refer to our survey guide to ensure the belt length is suitable for your furniture. This recliner oversize takes a long time and is of good quality. Slip cover has fashionable adornment on the back. This recliner oversize is very easy to care for and can be washed and dry-cleaned. Because it's recliner oversize, there's plenty of room for rest. This recliner oversize can be assured: 10 years of "no problem" guarantee. In the new season, the sofa's shield is reversible. The flip side of this lift chair oversize is stylish decor. For example, if you order a chocolate/beige combination, you'll find chocolate on one side and chocolate on the other, and chocolate on one side, beige on one side and chocolate on the other. The adjustable strap will be coated with chocolate on both sides. Get a couch size bed. The last label, unless it's a nice bed thick quilt. If you're lying in bed, it's not waterproof. This lift chair oversize is very easy to clean. Time will tell us how long we live. In the case of absorbing a lot of water, it can also keep the blanket dry. The lift chair oversize is made of comfortable, plush foam padding under a super-soft polyester fiber pad. This lift chair oversize has a lot of colors, including mocha coffee, which also has a slanting mechanism. It's the perfect place to relax and relax. From design to implementation, we constantly strive to provide the best service for you to provide our customers with the best value, choice and service in the furniture industry. In the most beautiful backs, seats and armchairs, the chairs are comfortable heroes. The microfiber decoration is soft, luxurious, and the ultra-wide seat is large enough to hold two. Lean back and kick up your feet to improve your comfort level. The frame structure was tested with various devices, which simulated the housing and traffic environment and ensured the durability. The corners are stuck, blocked and nailed; Stripes and patterns are tailored; All fabrics are comfortable, wearable and standard durability; The core is made of low melt fiber with high quality foam; A combination of metal seat box for strength and durability; The strength and durability of all metal structures on the floor; The reclining mechanism has an infinite comfort position.