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As described, the large executive chair is designed to accommodate a larger, larger body. I'm 6.5 feet tall and 220 pounds, and sitting on this large executive chair doesn't feel crowded at all. At the same time, it's easy to assemble, and you can get a perfect large executive chair with just a few screws. It's strong. The back of the chair is very soft. If you want your back and head to be fully supported, you'll like this large executive chair.

I like this green leather executive chair, the color doesn't look so dramatic, it's a gentle green, it can make my mood better. This green leather executive chair has a solid base that provides strong support for my legs. Leather fabrics look durable, and the truth is that it's been almost a year since there's no wear or tear. It won't be hard to clean up, you just need to wipe with a clean damp cloth to get a new green leather executive chair. I work nearly ten hours a day, and this green leather executive chair gives me a comfortable experience that makes my work less tired.

This leather office chair executive is highly recommended! The moment it was delivered removed all my worries and anxieties. The packing box was intact, all the parts were packed and marked, and I was able to install the leather office chair executive in only two minutes by myself. Its base looks solid and the caster is flexible. If there is something to be unhappy about, I would say that the cushion is so comfortable that sometimes I sit on the leather office chair executive and sleep on it. I've seen people say that chairs are dirty, but if you clean them regularly, it's not a concern. Anyway, I'm happy with this leather office chair executive.