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I love this grey executive chair! First of all, its color is exactly what I want. Grey is neither too rigid nor too exaggerated to make this grey executive chair look elegant and graceful. I'm about a meter and six inches tall, and I can't touch the ground completely, but I can put my foot on the base of this grey executive chair, so it's not a serious problem. The back of the chair is so high that it gives me the full support of my back and head, so it feels very comfortable sitting on this grey executive chair.

It took me less than ten minutes to install the modern executive office chair. I have been pregnant for more than three months, so I need a comfortable office chair to make my job easier. The modern executive office chair is better than I expected, and its bottom and back are soft, probably stuffed with some stuffed animals. The foot wheel is also very flexible. You sit on this modern executive office chair, and you can go to any place you want in the office with a little effort. I was able to reach the ground when I was sitting on it, and of course you could adjust the height of the modern executive office chair seat by adjusting the buttons next to it. Generally speaking, I am very satisfied with this chair.

I bought this tufted executive office chair a special gift for my girlfriend because she always complained that the previous chair was uncomfortable and caused her back to be very painful. Now she's been using this tufted executive office chair for about two months, and she says she loves it. As described, the back and cushion of the chair are particularly soft and comfortable, and sitting on this tufted executive office chair feels like sitting on a couch with no stiffness at all. And the tilt Angle of the back of the chair is adjustable, so she can lie on the tufted executive office chair at noon. I'm thinking of buying one for myself now.