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It's important to have a comfortable office chair while sitting for a long time. I have to say this green executive chair meets all my needs. Its back is wide and soft, and when I sit on this green executive chair, it gives me comfortable support from the waist. The handrail is removable, and the quality is good, so far there is no damage. The next button can adjust the height and inclination of this green executive chair. I can't believe this multi-functional green executive chair can be sold for less than $100.

I am nearly two meters tall, and the average office chair is too small for me. The large executive office chair was designed by tall people. After testing, the large executive office chair can withstand up to 400 pounds, and the high back design can relieve the tension of the back and prevent fatigue. I am a computer player and sit on this large executive office chair every day for no less than 12 hours, and even then I won't feel particularly tired. If you are a bigger person, I would strongly recommend this large executive office chair.

I'm very pleased with this modern executive desk chair. It's cheap, but it gives me the ultimate comfort. I've seen a similar modern executive desk chair at amazon, not only for a very high price, but also for a lot of bad reviews. My husband finished the installation in just a few minutes. It's more comfortable than you think. Cushions and backs have very soft fillings, so you won't feel any pain sitting on this modern executive desk chair. My husband just sat on it for a few minutes and said he would buy a modern executive desk chair. We all like it very much.