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This gaming chair built in speakers is perfect for playing video games, listening to music, watching TV, reading books, and relaxing.
This gaming chair built in speakers has four speakers full of surround sound and a powerful subwoofer, using the Ace Bayou innovative AFM technology.
This gaming chair built in speakers' extra vibrating motor and bass sync enhance your whole body experience.
In addition, the gaming chair built in speakers has a built-in radio wireless receiver, including a wireless transmitter that works with any source from the RCA output.
Also, the gaming chair built in speakers is stable.
Welcome to the world of interactive audio. With gaming chair built in speakers, you can now not only hear your music, but feel it. Whether you're listening to music, watching movies, or playing games, you'll have a great experience. The X rocker Pro series base has four speakers hidden in the head rest and a low-pitched sound, using the Ace Bayou innovative audio power modulation technique. The AFM introduces the speaker and the supply of the subwoofer into the open space in the X rocker to amplify the sound. The X rocker Pro series base elevates your height so that you can rotate and rotate in a comfortable environment, and your weapon equipment provides a supportive and awe-inspiring look. Popular camouflage pattern design. The control panel includes a separate volume and bass control, as well as input and output jacks that connect to your audio source and other x-rocker multiplayer games. The wireless receiver is built in, and the box includes your wireless transmitter, which can be delivered to your game seat via a headset or RCA. Optional RCA cables are also included.

This gaming chair without wheels is ergonomic and sits comfortably.
This gaming chair without wheels provides you with perfect comfort.
This gaming chair without wheels has a high back design and is highly adjustable.
Its performance is stable and durable.
There are many USES for gaming chair without wheels: you can adjust it to floor sofas, lounge chairs or bed beds to watch TV, laptop, or nap.
Black soft cloth material: comfortable, easy to clean
The head and waist adjustment have five levels, the handrail is flexible.

Multi-functional portable gaming chair has become a popular trend for people to work hard every day. One of the most impressive highlights of this portable gaming chair is the fact that it's from the common floor couch to the comfortable bed. The different levels of portable gaming chair can be adjusted to meet your favorite pose needs, and each level will provide you with a specific feeling.
The portable gaming chair for almost every place, such as sitting room, bedroom, home office, dormitory, balcony and outdoor space, suitable for watching TV, playing games, work on a laptop or in a nap. You won't be disappointed with the purchase.