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This folding gaming chair quality core material: PU leather durable, soft, waterproof. Use a cold - cured foam pad to provide perfect support to give you a perfect experience. The maximum capacity of this folding gaming chair: 310 pounds.
The folding gaming chair adopt top construction and human body engineering design: the inspiration comes from racing bucket seats - this folding gaming chair design is in line with advanced horizontal support your body shape and weight allotment hours of calculation and comfortable.
Full-length anticline: adjustable high chair is equipped with a full-length back, safe and safe re-elastic 90-170 degree. Provide you with a perfect lunch break.

Adjustable armrests, head and waist pillows: adjustable height armrests are solid, soft and cushioned. The head and waist pillows include providing the maximum comfort customization.
Silent casters: a six-centimeter silent braking wheel, gliding quietly in all directions, and securely used for hardwood floors.
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This razer gaming chair is a professional game seat that USES sports game aesthetics and ergonomic design to achieve maximum functionality. High-quality materials are used to create custom anti-fatigue razer gaming chair. Razer gaming chair offers a balance of comfort and performance, even in the most intense of games.
Ergonomic engineering to relieve neck, shoulder and waist pressure;
High elastic cold foam, high elasticity;
Upper and lower handrail, soft PU cover, feel comfortable;
Shake function: the chair can be tilted 12 degrees freely. Use the adjustment wheel to set the required resistance.
This razer gaming chair is equipped with a 4 - level gas lift piston, the best of its kind, keeping the seat stable and safe. Take a perfect height for your setup, whether you want it to be low enough to match your desk, or elevate your gaming experience.