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The floor rocker gaming chair is designed to fit ergonomic curved seats that allow you to experience a home theater in a new way.
The floor rocker gaming chair has optimized audio: epic combat and integrated speakers, combined audio control and headphone jack.
You can use the floor rocker gaming chair anywhere: play with friends or play on the road! This chair features a foldable design (with a fixed nylon strap) for quick setting and storage.
The seating of this game chair is so full that you can sit up and feel very comfortable.
Whether you like mmo, have a good time at a LAN party, or prefer to play alone, the game chair has everything you need. Integrated with ergonomics, fresh design and powerful optimized speakers into the seat itself. In addition, the floor rocker gaming chair is of good quality and can be used for a long time. Materials: wood, gasket fabric; Color: black, red; No need to assemble (including hardware and instructions). The floor rocker gaming chair is very easy to use, it looks cool, and having a chair like this is a great thing.

This good pc gaming chairs, designed by racing drivers, can make you more productive in any office or game room. Unlike regular office chairs, this good PC gaming chair allows your eyes to capture the car's appearance and modern appearance, making any environment clean and tidy. With the cool interior of the sports car, let your imagination "race" while maintaining the super comfort of the game or working session for more than eight hours. This good PC gaming chairs using polyurethane fiber decorative surface, inverted arch mechanism, tilt and tension control, head and waist cushion, height is adjustable, can rotate armrest and durable five-star nylon baseband, color matching and color matching pairs not two inches of castor. The good pc gaming chairs can be seen to be of good quality.

Features of this good pc gaming chair:
It is very comfortable for people who have been playing games or working for more than 8 hours.
Characteristic height adjustable seat by PU technical furniture decoration surface.
It depends on the mechanism.
Tilt and tension mechanism control.
Headrest and waist pads.
Height adjustable.
Rotate the handrail.
Durable color matching 5 star nylon base.
Color match double non-standard 2 "casters".
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