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The floor gaming chair is a ergonomic design competition chair with a 360-degree rotation function.
This floor gaming chair has adjustable seating height and handrails. The armrest can be adjusted up or down or left or right.
The floor gaming chair also has removable headrest and waist support, giving extra comfort and protection while sitting. Floor gaming chair surface covering polyester is very durable and easy to clean, and it feels very comfortable to sit on.

The white gaming chair is filled with a thick flame retardant foam, and it feels very comfortable to sit on. The white gaming chair's reclining design provides a comfortable position, and when you want to take a break, you'll feel the setting is great.
This white gaming chair has a rugged nylon baseband and has five castings. It's a very good quality, you can buy a white gaming chair and you can use it for a long time.
Ergonomic design competition chair, 360 degree rotation function.
Adjustable seat height and handrail. The armrest can be adjusted up or down or left or right.
Removable head pillows and waist support give extra comfort and protection while sitting.
Cushion and adjustable back. The bias design provides a comfortable position when you want to rest.
Durable nylon baseband with 5 castings.
PU leather, easy to clean, fastness to fade.

This ultimate gaming chair is a rotating office chair added to a sticky game style. Seat backs and adjustable backs, including chairs, provide a real sense of race.
The sticky series of cayenne style ultimate gaming chair is a high quality standard and is the last. These chairs provide a high level of comfort and will soon become your office colleague's favorite seat.
This ultimate gaming chair features:
Air lift - adjustable height. Tilting seat with locking function.
360 degrees rotation.
Adjustable handrail, high adjustment and rotation.
Ergonomic design.
Luxurious synthetic soft cloth interior decoration material.
Thick cushion and backrest.
Light structure, easy to move.
Use of this ultimate gaming chair:
Textile care instructions: please use wet cloth cleaning products.
Ergonomically designed - more efficient and comfortable with free headrest cushions and waist support pads.
The extra high back supports neck and spine, flexible seat back and adjustment.
Patent racing seat design breathable material: smooth polyurethane plastic cover.
Especially soft handrail.
The newly designed heavy aluminum base with the latest leg frame and a traditional tilting mechanism.