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Have you been in the find lift chairs recently? If you're in the find lift chair, here are two awesome chairs to recommend to you.
The ergonomic body embraces a high-backed gaming chair with removable headrest and waist pads that make it an ideal choice for work, study and games
This gaming chair has a full tilt function. This gaming chair back can be locked in any Angle between 90 and 180 degrees, and you can fix it at the Angle you think is most comfortable.

The gaming chair can be moved smoothly on the floor with a 360-degree rotation and a multi-directional wheel. Its load capacity: the maximum weight is 300 pounds. Our chairs are carefully crafted, perfectly designed and naturally shaped. This is a completely comfortable piece of furniture, its surface covering PU leather, very comfortable, also very easy to maintain and clean.
Tilt locking mechanism 90-180 degree Angle adjuster;
Adjustable height air spring cylinder;
A solid five-star base;
It is easy to move with colored casters;
Ergonomic design;
High quality polyurethane leather material;
Bed head and waist pad are also included;
The load capacity is 300 pounds.

You can watch TV and play your favorite video games, using this x rocker gaming chair. It is a beloved x rocker gaming chair. The x rocker gaming chair has two speakers and a bass speaker for full sound immersion. The volume and bass have separate controls, so you can adjust it to fit a customized sound. This x rocker gaming chair has a cool modern design that works for many decorations. It is characterized by a rotating base. There are two strong silver arms. This seat is ergonomic and has full back support. It has a cushion headrest to increase comfort. The x-chair video game chair is lifted to the floor and supported by a wide circular base. This chair has built-in bluetooth capabilities that can receive audio signals from almost any bluetooth device.
X rocker arm with bluetooth, video rocker arm;
Perfect for playing video games, listening to music, watching TV, reading and relaxing.
2. The speaker and the low-tone gun use AFM technology for full sound immersion experience;
X rocker base video game chair has ergonomic design;
The built-in bluetooth can easily receive audio signals from bluetooth devices;
Optional RCA cables include;
A separate control of volume and bass can control your vocal experience.

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