Q:What is a discount code? 

A:Code is Reg2Y2QMEH6NABC,this discount code is a coupon that can be used after landing. Can only be used once.

Q:How to use the discount code?

A:Login account and shopping. Then in the shopping cart fill the summary-Zip / Postal Code ,you can enjoy the benefits. As shown below:

Q: Do you price match?

A: At this time, we do not price match.

Q: Can I order by telephone?

A: At this time, we cannot take orders over the phone.Please visit okyoo.com.

Q: What forms of payment are accepted?

A: We accept Paypal.

Q: When is my credit card charged for an online purchase?

A: For standard shipping, your credit card will be charged on the date the order ships.

Q: What is a pre-authorization charge?

A: A pre-authorization is a type of pending bank hold used to check an account for validity or approve funding for a purchase you attempt to make. A merchant may pre-authorize an amount before you make a purchase (such as ASHLEYFURNITUREHOMESTORE.com order), then submit a final charge later (such as when your ASHLEYFURNITUREHOMESTORE.com order ships to you). That final charge amount is often different from the merchant's pre-authorized amount.

Another type of pre-authorization charge is for a purchase that was approved but won't be posted to your account until later. Keep in mind, a charge may be pending for a few days, which essentially holds the pending funds for the intended purchase but does not charge them permanently. Once the permanent charge is posted, the pre-authorization charge will "fall off" your account. (Timeframe depends on your financial institution). Contact your financial institution if this does not occur.

Q: What is the CVN or Credit Card Verification number?

A: This number printed on your card provides a security feature for purchases made using your credit card. For Visa, MasterCard and Discover Card, it is the last three digits printed on the back of the card.

For American Express, it is the four digits printed above the account number on the front of the card. It generally appears to the right of your credit card number.

Q: What is okyoo's Privacy Policy?

A: A:Review our Privacy Policy.

Q: Can I pay my bill online?

A: Yes.

Q: How do I know you've received my order?

A: You will receive an email with your order confirmation(s) after your order has been placed. Please review this email and contact customer care email service@okyoo.us if anything requires correction.

Q: How do I check the status of my online order?

A: Your order is ready for online status-tracking shortly (15 minutes approx.) after it is placed! If you have created an Okyoo account when placing the order, go online and log into My Account, then click on Order History.

Guest order tracking is also available on line; navigate your mouse to my account at the top of the page, click order status, and then enter in your confirmation number, your email and your billing zip, under the area of unregistered customer order status. (To find your confirmation number check the email we sent you when your order was placed on line.)

If you checked out as a guest, please call Customer Care at 323-473-3086, Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. (CT) & Saturday, 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. (CT) and we will be happy to assist.Have your confirmation number, email, and billing ZIP code to use this service (confirmation number is located within your emailed order confirmation.)

Q: Can I make changes or cancel my online order?

A: As soon as your order is placed, our fulfillment process goes into motion. To change or cancel an order, Please call Customer Care at 323-473-3086 for assistance. The sooner we receive a request, the faster we can revise your order.

If the product has already shipped, you may return it under our Return Policy.

If you contact us less than 48 hours prior to the delivery date, we will refund the amount of the order less the delivery fees.

Q: My order was cancelled, but the charge is still showing on my credit card account. What happened?

A: These "Charges" that are appearing on your card account are actually pre-authorization holds. They are not charges; however, your card company may be temporarily holding those funds. Please contact your credit card company to release any pending holds as Okyoo has no control over the grace period for releasing authorized funds, particularly debit card funds.

Q: Can I change my address after an order is placed?

A: To make an address change to your order, please contact Customer Care (323-473-3086). For Standard Shipped orders, please call as soon as possible as our orders do ship quickly. We can accept address changes on most orders.

Q: How do I update my online account information?

A: Click on My Account located in the upper right hand corner of this page.

Click on the Sign In button displayed in the drop down menu.

Enter your account email and password and click the Sign In button.

Now that you are signed into your account, click on Account Info located under the Manage Account menu located on the left side of the page.

Under the Account Dashboard tab, by clicking on Account Information and Address Book, you will be able to edit your Name, Email, Password, and Default Shipping and Billing Addresses you may have saved within your account.

Other options under the Manage Account menu include viewing your Order History, viewing and modifying your Address Book, Help & Support, and managing your Wish Lists.

Q: Do I have to set up an account to make an online purchase?

A: Guest checkout is available, so it is not necessary for you to set up an account. It is highly recommended that you create an account to make checkout, order tracking and warranty service easier in the future.