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In general, this is a fabric executive office chair that has value. I bought a fabric executive office chair in Houzz, and the back of it was really hard, and sitting on it for a long time made my back sore. The fabric executive office chair cushions and backs have very soft fillings that give my back complete relaxation. I'm going to buy my daughter the same fabric executive office chair, which allows her to read and study easily and comfortably.

A lot of years ago I bought a boss executive chair in okyoo, and it's been used now, without any damage, and the only downside is that it has no casters. So this time I bought a boss executive chair with a foot wheel. The base is a sturdy steel frame that looks the same solid and durable. The casters are very flexible and can rotate 360 degrees. I don't need to leave this boss executive chair, so I can easily move around the office. If you're still looking for a boss executive chair, I'll recommend it to you.

I was looking for a cheap and comfortable office chair until I found this modern executive chair in okyoo. It was amazing, better than I expected. All the parts are completely new and easy to assemble, and just sit on this modern executive chair for two seconds and you'll love it. Its handrails and cushions are really more soft than you think, probably because of a lot of plush stuff. The button is so flexible that you can easily rotate it or tilt it to find the most comfortable position you can sit on this modern executive chair. All in all, this modern executive chair is really a good choice for daily work.