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Two months ago I buy my wife a executive office desk chairs, her in front of the computer work 10 hours a day or so, before the use of executive office desk chairs is woodiness material, her back was very pain. After using the executive office desk chairs, her pain eased a lot. The back and seat are stuffed with soft plush, so sit on the executive office desk chairs and feel comfortable. I'm going to buy one for my daughter, so that she can learn easily and comfortably.

I chose a white traditional executive chair, which is more elegant and beautiful than the site's image. It has a very high back seat and can support my entire back and even my head, so I can't understand that the traditional executive chair has no waist support. At first I worried that the traditional executive chair of the roller will scratch my floor, but after a few days I found, no matter how frequently you move, it won't be any damage to your floor. In addition, the traditional executive chair is a good match for my desk and office curtains, and I am very happy to sit in this comfortable, beautiful, traditional executive chair every day.

For me, the only downside to this tufted executive chair is that it's so high that I need to adjust it to the lowest position to put my feet on the ground. But it doesn't affect me to this tufted executive chair comfortable degree of goodwill, it would cushion and the back of the chair feels very soft and sit on it feel when you're not sitting in a tufted executive chair, instead of sitting on the sofa. By the way, this tufted executive chair is easy to assemble, and it took me only two minutes to assemble it.