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This executive home office furniture chair is better than I thought. As I sat on this executive home office furniture chair, I felt it was very solid and gave me a sense of security. Because its bottom is a sturdy steel frame structure, you can sit on it at ease. The executive home office furniture is the overall size of the chair, 40-66 "D x 43" 39 "W x H, suitable for adults, the size of my husband is nearly two meters in height, sitting in the executive home office furniture chair also won't feel crowded.

I have seen similar executive seating at amazon, expensive and evaluation is not very good. So I browse again many web sites, and finally bought this executive seating in okyoo, I think it is worth buying a chair. I have to use it more than half a year now, I still like the executive seating. It has an elegant appearance, delicate workmanship, and soft seating and cushions, so it's comfortable to sit on it. So far it does not have any wear and tear, so I highly recommend this executive seating.

I spent a lot of time looking for an executive task chair with no handrails, though armrests could give me some support, but more often they would block my desk. This executive task chair is simple and modern, and very suitable for office use. The height of the base and the tilt of the back of the chair can pass the executive task chair next to the button to adjust, I think this is an ergonomic design, because a lot of times more than I a person to use the executive task chair, this design can satisfy the different size.