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This executive furniture chair is highly recommended. I had previously bought a $500 executive furniture chair in amazon, but in less than a year there was a quality problem that could not be used again. The executive furniture chair I bought at okyoo's celebration was just over $100, and it has been in use for two years now, without any damage. And it has all the functions that an executive furniture chair can have, and it's an office chair worth buying.

A year ago I bought two fabric executive chair for me and my husband, and it was really comfortable, so a couple of weeks ago I bought this fabric executive chair for my daughter. The color is my daughter's favorite coffee color, although it is the material of the cloth, but this fabric executive chair is also very convenient to clean up, you just need to take a wet cloth to gently wipe it off. My daughter works from home every day, and she says the fabric executive chair makes her job easier.

I love this ergonomic executive office chair. The office chair I used before was very hard and it was very uncomfortable. The ergonomic executive office chair has soft padding and backrest filling, and sits comfortably on top of it. I like its casters most, very flexible, and can move me back and forth in the office, and I don't even need to leave the ergonomic executive office chair. It has a big back, which can provide a powerful support for your back, and you can sit on this ergonomic executive office chair and always maintain a correct posture.