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The executive chair mesh was packed so well that it took me only about five minutes to complete the assembly of the executive chair mesh, which made me feel like an expert. The executive chair mesh matches the small table in my study. When I'm not working, I can slide this executive chair mesh down to the bottom of my desk and look like it's invisible, saving space very much.

I am nearly 1.9 meters tall and the average size of my office chair is too crowded for me, so I need a tall executive chair. I've seen a lot of tall executive chair in Houzz and amazon, but it's expensive and doesn't look like it's worth the money. For such a price, I think this tall executive chair is a perfect chair. Its cushions and back are wide enough for tall people. What's more important is that they are very soft, and when you sit on this tall executive chair, there will be no stiffness or pain. If you are a tall person, I would highly recommend this tall executive chair.

The mid back executive chair, which I bought as a birthday present for my 12-year-old son, always complained that long hours of study made his back uncomfortable. This mid back executive chair has a higher back seat than his back, so it can be fully supported. Also, the back seat and seat are filled with very soft material, so sitting in this mid back executive chair is comfortable and suitable for people who need a long time to study or work. Generally speaking, I feel satisfied that the price can be bought so well in mid back executive chair. I want to give it a five-star rating.