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This is an incredible executive chair! It certainly doesn't look like a $100 executive chair. It looks simple and elegant, and fits the office. The outer layer is leather, not leather, but it doesn't smell anything. The executive chair is lined with soft fillings and sits on top of it and feels very comfortable. Assembling this executive chair is also simple, about two minutes.

To get my employees to work more comfortably, I bought the executive desk chair on okyoo. There were black and white options, and I bought the black because it felt more resistant. The executive desk chair is made of leather, so it's easy to clean and not easily damaged. The armrests on both sides are soft, and when you sit on the executive desk chair, the high back design can fully support the neck and head, helping to adjust the posture of sitting. The executive desk chair has a very flexible foot wheel that can rotate 360 degrees so that you can easily move around the office without leaving your seat. In short, this executive desk chair is cheap and comfortable, and I'll give it a five-star rating.

Because of my work, I spend about ten hours a day sitting in front of the computer, so a comfortable executive office desk chair is important to me. This executive office desk chair is really excellent quality and reasonable price, and I have bought a similar executive office desk chair on amazon, which is a lot more expensive, but the quality is poor, and it only takes two months for the caster to break down. I have been buying this executive office desk chair in okyoo for half a year without any quality problems. Until now, its foot wheel is still very flexible, let me be able to easily in the study activity. I can't even like this executive office chair.