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I need a very comfortable executive boardroom furniture for a long day of work. So I'm looking forward to this chair. It was packed well and there was no damage to it. All the parts are separately installed and labeled. Just tighten a few screws according to the instructions, and I can get a perfect executive boardroom furniture. I'm happy with it. Its base looks solid, and describes it as a steel frame, so the executive boardroom furniture can withstand at least 300 pounds. Although it looks small, it doesn't feel crowded to sit on it. The flexible rollers allow me to move back and forth easily, their surfaces smooth, so they don't scratch my floor. Overall, this is an executive boardroom furniture that is worth purchasing.

The swivel executive desk chair is much better than I thought it would be. My husband didn't believe I'd bought such a great swivel executive desk chair for less than $100. We're thinking of buying another one for the living room. It is not only used as an office chair, but the intimate rotatable function allows us to use it more as a recliner. Just gently adjust the button below the seat to make the swivel executive desk chair tilt or erect easily. If I have to take a break from work, I will take a nap on this swivel executive desk chair to ease my fatigue.

If you need a cheap and comfortable office chair, I recommend this global executive office chair. Its design is simple and elegant, making your office look more professional. $100 is the price I expect, and even if the same global executive office chair costs more than $300 on amazon, I don't think the price will be high. I've been using this global executive office chair for more than three months, and it's still as comfortable as the first day. The wide and soft cushions and backs provide good cushioning and support for my hips and back, which in some ways relieved my tired of working long hours. I have no way of not loving this global executive office chair.