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I was hesitant to buy this ethan allen recliners before I was worried about collision or damage to the product. But unexpectedly, this ethan allen recliners was sent without any defects or damage. All the parts are packed well. I just need to twist the screw with a wrench to make it easy to assemble. The cushions are soft, and the back of the chair is tall and spacious enough to support my back and head. There is a regulation button under the seat to adjust the tilt of this ethan allen recliners until it is completely flat. Every day after work, I sit on this ethan allen recliners and take a break, watch the news, or listen to music, which can relieve my tired of working all day. I'll sit on the top of the weekend and watch a movie. It's much more comfortable than a cinema chair.

I've been using this ethan recliner chairs for almost two years now, and I've also bought a similar chair at amazon for a little more than that, but it's not that comfortable. The ethan recliner chairs are priced at around $100, but the cushions and back of the chair have very soft fillings and sit on it and feel comfortable, while amazon's chair feels stiff. I am a novelist and I work from home every day. Now this ethan recliner chairs have become my special office chair, even if I work a dozen hours a day, I won't feel particularly tired. Anyway, I love this ethan recliner chairs.

This isn't the first time I've bought rooms to go recliners online, but it's the most comfortable rooms to go recliners I've ever bought. I see many similar chairs on amazon, Ashley and Houzz, but they cost a lot more and have a lot of negative reviews. When I was about to give up the purchase, my best friend recommended okyoo to me, and I found this rooms to go recliners. It is as cheap and comfortable as it is said, though it costs less than $200, but it gives me the ultimate comfort. I like the flat function of it, so that I can relax my feet completely, like lying in bed with ease and comfort. I regularly clean the rooms to go recliners, so even though I've been using it for over a year, it's still as good as new.