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We have a couple of these Ethan Allen recliner chair in our break room at work. They seem to be comfortable for short term use. So I bought one for my study to have for reading. Well It went together fairly easy. No tools required. However the back keeps feeling like it is going to come off when I go back. We have verified it is put together correctly. It just doesn't feel sturdy. Like if I push just a bit too hard it is going to break. Also I got the microfiber which I actually Love and that is about all. The color and Fabric is wonderful recliners Ethan Allen. The tan chair though is Narrower then the black Faux leather ones. So when I sit in it I feel like I am in a box. Over all it is just not as comfortable as the Black Ethan Allen recliner chairs. I will not be changing it out because I do not like the leather and black will make too much black in my study as all my desks are already black. So I will keep the chair until it breaks but will not recommend to any one unless they want to get the black Ethan Allen recliners

Is this a child's Ethan Allen recliner chair? Seriously we did see recliner chair Ethan Allen in the store. It was on the top shelf. Took the box home and assembled it easily or Ethan Allen recliner chairs is cheap. Screw the legs on. If you have floors that will scratch check the bottom of the legs by Ethan Allen recliner chairs. Ours had little pokey things that would scratch our wood. We cleaned them up with some sandpaper or nail file. Then put the back of the Ethan Allen recliner chair onto the seat. My 6 foot husband sat down and his legs from the knees down hung off the end of the foot rest. Too funny! I'm 5'6". Not so bad for me buy i still want to buy Ethan Allen recliner chairs. I tend to sit with my legs ben anyway. Second day it made kind of a creak. I thought maybe nothing. Next day another creak and the whole Ethan Allen recliners was at an angle. Errr! Of This is why I got rid of my old Ethan Allen recliners. But it was SIX years old. Pretty Ethan Allen recliner chair. Piece of junk. There are aloe of good reviews here so maybe I got a lemon. But I got my money back and went somewhere else. My hubby says don't buy cheap Ethan Allen recliner chair! I guess after 40 years that is one thing he is right about.