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Injection on the treatment of electric recliner and lift chairs gel foam to keep your cool, reduce the pressure of a typical points, provide a sense of luxury, they experienced a "pressure map", to ensure that in all the most important in the field of filling and support can provide real and comfortable.
The electric recliner and lift chairs are technologically advanced. The electric recliner and lift chairs also have a massage function. Its technologically advanced carbon fiber heating element is a uniform heat transfer, which is evenly distributed through a carbon fiber surface, including different acoustic massages.
The electric recliner and lift chairs have the perfect tailoring, three-position mechanical, quiet motor, double-side pockets, built-in environmental protection materials, and the performance of the lid for easy care and cleaning.This lift up chairs for disabled dual electric chair lifts the back and the ottomans separately. Lift up chairs for disabled. This lift up chairs for disabled has an extra wide seating area. Steel box, 400 pounds.
In addition, this lift up chairs for disabled has a battery backup system (not including the 9V battery).

This lift up chair elderly, designed by powered lift, can propel the entire seat up and help the elderly stand up easily.
This lift up chair elderly is a chair with an inclined chair.
This lift up chair elderly is a comfortable arm-chair with a solid wood frame. It has a soft leather fabric.
This comfortable electric leather lift chair is ideal for watching TV, reading, sleeping, or simply relaxing. The seat's stable electrical mechanism enables you to ascend safely and safely.
It has the remote control, the product is easy to operate, and makes users more free and easy.
Comfortable seat, comfortable, elegant style and reliable performance, all in a great value.
1. Product elegance and modern
2. Strong steel frame
3. Comfortable armchairs, soft leather
4. The chair of the product with inclined chair (after using the chair, you must use force to recline the seat.)
5. Reclines to 135 degrees,back and footrest work together
6. These armchairs are suitable for home and office environment.
7. Work. Quick assembly use includes very simple assembly instructions
8. Products are easy to assemble