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This double wide recliner chair is a contemporary recliner with a surface covering tan imitation leather, steel frame and mechanism, and filled with polyurethane foam buffering.
Lovely tan artificial leather and exquisite details make our double wide recliner chair dazzling. This double wide recliner chair can be used as a sitting room chair, club chair, etc. Imagine coming home every day and lying on the back of this double wide recliner chair.
The steel structure, foam cushioning and black plastic discs are used. This is easy to clean, and when you need to clean it, wipe it off with a dry cloth. The style is also black, you can choose the one you prefer.

From this heated recliner chair, make yourself comfortable. In furniture with much higher prices for furniture, a large number of relaxing features are usually found.
This heated recliner chair has many comfortable features including thick, oversized chair cushions, adjustable slanting backs and extended legs to rest, which can stretch or fully recover. The heated recliner chair has eight vibrating nodes covering the entire body, with two back, two waist, seat and footstool. This heated recliner chair has extra heating function, warmth and soothing pain in the waist area. When you are convenient, there is an additional remote control to adjust the tan leather recliner, a side pocket can be stored within the range of your small items, you only need to lie comfortably on a chair slowly taste a cup of coffee, this is how happy thing!

Use this tan leather recliner to add an extra comfort and style to your living space and enjoy it every day.
This tan leather recliner features:
8 vibration nodes cover the whole body, back, waist, seat and footstool.
Heating will help the body feel warm and relieve pain.
The side pocket on the right side of the chair holds the remote and other small objects.
This tan leather recliner has a handy accessory remote control that adjusts the chair at your convenience.
Thick, oversized liners.
A adjustable leant resting on the back and extended legs that can be extended or fully returned to the chair.