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This cream recliner chair: not only relaxed, but also beautiful, PU leather thermal shock massage lounge chair and remote control, let you have a kind of fashionable and comfortable feeling in any living space.
This cream recliner chair also has built-in heating function: the heating function in the waist area can relieve pain in the body, which means it is not only relaxing, but also good for your health.
The whole vibration function of this cream recliner chair: four vibrators with four areas in the upper, lower back, thighs and lower legs. Users can use or choose to relax all over at once.
This cream recliner chair optional mode: it has five preprogramming modes and two levels of strength to choose from.

The small leather recliner chair remote control and put the cup place: not only includes a convenient additional remote control, convenient to adjust the chairs in your personal, plus a side pocket for it and two drinks of the cup holders.
When you're tired, you can use this small leather recliner chair to massage to relieve fatigue. This small leather recliner chair, made of PU leather, can bring the greatest comfort to your life. You can find that in this small leather recliner chair each area has four focal areas, or a high or low speed area.

The slim leather recliner also has five modes that allow you to opt for preset massage. This color allows it to fit almost all home decor, while the vibrating nodes are heated to warm up the massage. With a heated node, this chair is perfect for muscle stiffness. With a thick sponge, you definitely won't want to leave this cozy slim leather recliner. Use this slim leather recliner to add additional comfort and style elements to your living room.
Beautiful finished product made of PU leather;
You can rotate 360 degrees;
When you relax, the holders of the two cups provide a place to rest;
Vibration and heating function promote blood circulation;
Adjustable back and leg rest, let you lie down;
Four focal areas of massage focus;
Five preset massage functions;
Two different speeds, high and low, and heated massage;
With additional remote;
This slim slim leather recliner can add comfort to you. It is equipped with heavy steel structure and foam seat. It is very strong and durable. This lounge chair is characterized by easy integration into any room. It has a lasting architectural style and style, combining fashion and functionality.

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