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I love this cream executive chair! Its color, design, including its comfortable feeling, I can't describe it in words. Its color is warm, not completely white, it looks elegant. The base is a sturdy steel frame, so I don't exaggerate the weight of this cream executive chair that can withstand more than 300 pounds. Its back and cushions are filled with soft objects, so when you sit on this cream executive chair, it gives you enough support and cushioning to give your back, which is exactly what I need. And importantly, this cream executive chair is really quiet, and even if I sit on it and move around, it won't make a lot of noise.

I can't understand some of the comments that some people have made about the quality of this mid back executive office chair. I've been using this mid back executive office chair for over a year now and it's still solid, and I sit in this mid back executive office chair for a dozen hours every day. It has no abrasion of the outer shell and the caster is as flexible as new. The height of the back of the chair is very suitable to provide good support for my back, so I don't have any discomfort sitting on this mid back executive office chair.

This wingback executive chair is the best birthday present I've received this year, and it's far more comfortable than it's worth. Under the seat, there is a button that adjusts the tilt so that I can lie back and forth on this wingback executive chair. I sometimes work in the study and sometimes work directly in the living room. This wingback executive chair can adjust different heights to accommodate the height of different tables. Also, it doesn't take up much space because it has no handrails. When I'm not working, I can hide it under my desk. Of course, its quality is also very good, I highly recommend this wingback executive chair.