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This comfort lift recliner fabric: camel. The comfort lift recliner has top-notch comfortable positioning technology that allows the back and feet to work independently, creating a position above the heart and lowering back pressure. This comfort lift recliner makes it easier to sit or get up with people who are in trouble. The comfort lift recliner fills a very thick layer of sponges and makes people sit up and feel very comfortable.

This comfortable fully reclining lift chair is ideal for watching TV, reading, sleeping, or relaxing. This fully reclining lift chair stabilizes the electrical mechanism to make you move smoothly and safely. Also, this fully reclining lift chair is very small and allows you to rest more steadily. This fully reclining lift chair can be controlled remotely and the product is easy to operate, making the user more free and easy. Comfortable seats, elegant style and reliable performance are the advantages of this fully reclining lift chair.
Elegance and modernity;
Solid wood frame;
Comfortable armchairs, soft leather;
Chair with inclined chair function;
4 pockets: 2 side bags on the side of the handrail, 2 pockets in front of the handrail;
Extra padding;
Suitable for family and office environment;
Quick assembly.

This kind of handicap lift recliners are very comfortable. This kind of handicap lift recliners has a ergonomic bias mechanism that makes it feel more comfortable to sit on. This kind of lift recliners filled with flame retardant foam, safe and comfortable. The sturdy wooden frame is a more durable type of lift recliners. This kind of handicap lift recliners also has a massage function that makes people feel more relaxed and pain relief.