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This club recliner chair is of excellent quality and can be used for many years. This club recliner chair is very suitable for older people and people who are inconvenienced, and of course all people can lie on it and rest comfortably. But this club recliner chair, which can take a long time and still works very well. So if you're interested in buying it, just do it. This club rocker recliner is very popular with customers' friends! The club rocker recliner is easy to assemble and easy to maintain. The club rocker recliner is made of vinyl that allows customers to keep it clean without effort. The club rocker recliner's padding also makes it sit super comfortable. And the price is very favorable! I highly recommend it to you! This club lift recliner's material: fabric, wood This club lift recliner has a variety of colors that can give customers a lot of choices. Decorative material: flax This club lift recliner has functions of both feet stretching and tilting back Sturdy frame and sturdy feet to increase stability and strength This club lift recliner looks great and sits comfortably! Not only does the lounge chair sit comfortably, it's also great for dressing up the room, which makes the room more stylish in the room. What's more, imagine how pleasant it would be to lie on the couch after coming home every day.