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The cheap lift recliner chair weighs about 450 pounds. This cheap lift recliner chair is a wide chair chair. This cheap lift recliner chair is very high quality. This cheap lift recliner chair has 450 pounds of steel box. This cheap large recliner has a battery backup system. This cheap large recliner is a large recliner with a full layer of electricity. This cheap large recliner has handy hand sticks and buttons that allow easy ascension of control. Comfortable and spacious seats. Plush pad arm and steel box. Comfortable coil seat, durable and comfortable. Flame-retardant heavy fabrics and cushioning materials run throughout. Strong, but safe 24 volt motor to promote smooth, quiet efficiency. Battery backup function. The time-tested lift is synchronized with the motor to provide a multi-position seat. All electrical components are UL and CE. The steel slanting mechanism has a limited life guarantee. All of the cheap large lift chair guarantees are for original buyers, not for rental or commercial use. On the cushions between the legs and legs, the ultimate comfort of the supporting leg. The cheap large lift chair is a hardwood frame with a strong curved spring seat and a steel inclined mechanism This cheap large lift chair has environmentally friendly and efficient product designs that use less fossil fuel based components.