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This cheap large lift recliner chair is a very relaxing style. This cheap large lift recliner chair has a solid metal seat and foot pad covering the corner frame and moving parts of the polyester home. High elastic foam pads are wrapped in thick polyethylene fibers, so this cheap large lift recliner chair will feel comfortable on top. This cheap large lift recliner chair is operated by a TAB traction mechanism, and the armless recliner has a pull mechanism in the seat. This cheap wide recliner has a single touch control with adjustable position. The walls of several pieces are designed to be zero and require minimal space between the wall and the cheap wide recliner. The console has a storage room and two cups. The cheap wide recliner framework has been tested with various devices to simulate housing and traffic conditions to ensure durability. Stripes and patterns are tailored. This cheap wide lift chair all fabrics are pre-approved wear resistance and durability and AHFA standards. The cheap wide lift chair is covered with a low melt fiber in high quality foam. A combination of metal seat box for strength and durability. The strength and durability of all metal structures on the floor. Power inclined to the mechanism has infinite comfortable position. Relax on this cheap wide lift chair with a solid frame and strong feet to add stability and strength. This comfortable recliner is suitable for small Spaces and functions as a good place to sleep or read. Adding style and comfort has never been as easy as this beautiful deckchair. This chair has a tall back and clean lines, which can complement traditional and more modern decorations, and after a long day, you can lift your feet and stretch out. The sturdy building ensures that the recliner stays comfortable for many years to come. This chair USES flax blended fabric, its characteristic is a kind of luxurious feeling, let a person feel smooth, relaxed. The grey interior is in sharp contrast to the black wood decoration. Use a neutral color to match your existing furniture and interior design, and this lounge chair is a fashion accessory for your home.