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This chair lift chair furniture model: solid; Product features: power tilting chair type: lifting chair, lounge chair.
This super - luxury living room chair lift chair allows easy sitting. The horizontal and lifting mechanism can be controlled by an attached remote control, and this chair lift chair is driven by a silent motor. This chair lift chair is a super soft and comfortable leather that is easy to clean and maintain. This best lift recliner is designed to completely tilt and provide the ultimate comfort. The assembly of the best lift recliner is very simple, and you can do it in about 10 minutes.

This best lift recliner includes UL approved easy to use wire controllers.
The best lift recliner's soft pad filled with high-density sponges, polyester fibers and an independent packaging pocket coil.
In addition, this easy lift recliner includes UL approved easy to use wire controllers.

This easy lift recliner's pad fills a high-density sponge, polyester fiber, and an independent packaging pocket coil.
This easy lift recliner can weigh up to 300 pounds
This is our new easy lift recliner, which is perfect for watching TV, sleeping, reading, or relaxing. High quality fabrics filled with high density sponges, odorless, soft. This chair is easy to operate and has a very quiet and smooth lift. Just push the button and it will lift you up smoothly. It helps those who are not easy to sit in a chair, whose purpose is to help the elderly who are in pain or lack of power get up safely from their chairs. Don't hesitate to take it home!

This easy lift recliner features:
New and high quality;
Made of high quality fabric, filled with high density sponge, breathable, odorless and soft;
Simple two button controls;
Smooth, quiet and quiet;
Adjustable position: the chair can be adjusted to any position that makes people comfortable;
Footrest: when they're sitting in a chair, it makes people feel comfortable.