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Sitting in the catnapper recliner chair feels very comfortable because it creates comfortable coils with the right gel. When you receive the express, you will find that the catnapper chair is installed in the factory box and needs to be assembled. But the assembly of this catnapper recliner chair is very simple, and you can easily assemble it. The catnapper recliner chair has a double engine comfort function - allowing the back and the ottomans to move separately. Bubbles in our catnapper rocker recliner can lift key body pressure points and make people feel comfortable, and you'll feel different when you sit down. This catnapper rocker recliner has a rich and elegant appearance that can bring pride to the owners. We can proudly display this catnapper rocker recliner in our living room. Full convenience and relaxation defines this catnapper rocker recliner. This catnapper lift recliner has an elastic foam liner on the back of a waterfall that gives your body plenty of comfort. Synthetic composite fabrics provide a comfortable surface that is easy to maintain. The heavy gauge steel box spring adds quality support to the design. This catnapper lift recliner has the omega mechanism and the direct drive crossbar to ensure a smooth reclining effect. Use remote control for easy use. From a sitting position, participating in the power lift function helps to stand. Additional features of this catnapper lift recliner include the shelf - style arm of p added, side magazine pocket, and a soothing single thermal feature. Massage options have two Settings, a wave massage or a steady massage, activated by the remote control. The catnapper lift recliner also has the option of choosing the color of the fabric.