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Enjoy a comfortable, comfortable home or office with shimmering furniture leather lounge chairs and ottoman black. The catnapper lift recliner chair allows you to maximize the back, waist and thighs of recliners and ottomans. With three types of strength and five massages, you'll definitely get the relaxation you need. The massage lounge chair can also be flexible. The catnapper lift recliner is made of soft leather, a combination of leather and polyurethane to add softness and durability. Remote control including the catnapper lift recliner chair on/off, automatic control, timer control, thermal control, five kinds of massage mode, three kinds of strength grade, and the back, waist, thighs and legs massage options. The black catnapper lift recliner chair has reached a new level. This leather recliner has a massage control This leather recliner is designed to be comfortable Seat height: 19" This leather recliner is a rotating seat This leather lift chair upholstery upholstery leather and polyurethane to add softness and durability Fill CA117 flame retardant foam Leather packing base Modern power leather lift chair: style and function are integrated in this electric chair lounge chair, as long as a touch of the button is touched, the elevator will relax you and allow your legs to enjoy the ultimate lazy experience Comfortable: designed for support and comfort, high back, heavy upholstery and artificial leather upholstery, a rugged edge frame has a metal reinforced seat Smooth brown decoration: the saddle-brown upholstery looks like leather, but it's actually a chunky polyethylene fiber that feels good Easy to assemble: includes instructions, hardware, and tools that apply to doorways 30 inches or wider Your home is more than just a house, this leather lift chair is your daily life and experience, making you unique.