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You want buy leather recliner chair, here is a nice chair to recommend to you.
This fabric rocker recliner chair features:
Non-woven materials.
There are three layers of pads, filled with plenty and comfortable to sit on.
There is a comfortable pillow on the seat
Mocha advanced grain leather.
Decorative material: genuine leather.
The concept of fabric rocker recliner chairs is: design glider, beautiful and fashionable appearance.
Non-woven material.
Three layers of pads and arms.

Contemporary fabric rocker recliner chairs: this modern rocking chair is very modern. After a long day of activity, you can get a good rest in this chair.
Comfortable fabric rocker recliner chairs are perfect for upholstery: this recliner is made of 100% plush polyester plush and durable. Leaning back can help you relax.
In addition, this chair is colorful and will win the guests' affection.
A recliner in the living room is a great thing: you can decorate your own room with a sofa or an armchair to make your own room full of living rooms.
Assembly requirements: easy-to-follow instructions.

Products with deep plush comfort after segmentation, and a soft interior decoration fabrics, in a comfortable environment, provides a modern fashion design, there are all kinds of fabrics, must be suitable to all the adornment of the sitting room.
Although the chair is very good, recliner cost is very favorable and you can afford it. So you don't have to worry about recliner cost.
If so, please hurry to order, this chair's logistics is very fast.