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This soft gaming chair is ideal for use on the floor, playing games, watching TV or reading books.
Its five-angle adjustment meets various requirements.
The soft gaming chairs are made of steel frames, linen fabrics, polyester and sponge liners.
The soft gaming chairs' armrests and pillows make you comfortable.
In addition, this soft gaming chair can be folded to provide comfortable rest for your legs or use as a bed.
This chair is a great outfit for a living room, family office or dormitory. We can adjust your back at 5 degrees, you can find the most comfortable position, watch TV, work on your laptop, or take a nap. This lazy chair is made of flax fabric, with steel frame, can be used for a long time, using soft sponge and polyester fiber for bedding, convenient use. The seats can be folded up to provide a comfortable rest for your legs, as well as a cushion.

This cheap green gaming chair is suitable for floor activities, playing video games, watching TV, reading, relaxing, or just playing with your staff. This cheap green gaming chair adopts a modernist style, and ergonomic style is built on top of the wooden frame and polyurethane foam, so it is comfortable and durable. This cheap green gaming chair covers the vinyl base of artificial leather, which makes it easy to clean and clean with a damp cloth. This cheap green gaming chair is completely assembled, so you can start using it right away. You can place these chairs anywhere in your living room, bedroom, dorm or home theater.
In addition, this cheap green gaming chair is a rotating home office chair: whether you're completing an important computer work or a game during the break, you're covered in a chair with a foot wheel. It has a cushion back, a adjustable seat and rustic elegance.
Comfortable interior decoration: this sturdy wooden chair is decorated with rich artificial leather with gaskets for extra support and comfort. It can tilt, rotate and adjust the height mechanism to fit your body's needs.
Beautiful decoration: a dark brown wood decoration. With the ultra deep espresso brown faux leather, the rolling office chair is a surprise.
Easy to assemble.
With a stylish frame that supports contemporary desks with an artistic arc, it will certainly strengthen the atmosphere of the home office.