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This is the second brown rocker recliner I bought at okyoo, and the one that I bought before was given to my father-in-law because he really likes to sleep on this brown rocker recliner. This brown rocker recliner
You can swing back and forth, the slight swing is not too dramatic, but it feels comfortable. The free-loading footstool is also a plus for the brown rocker recliner.

Highly recommended for this fabric rocker recliner, it's really worth buying. Its fabric is the kind of material that is very advanced and feels soft, and is the most elegant fabric rocker recliner I've ever seen. Cushions, backrest and handrails are soft fillings that make you feel special and comfortable in this fabric rocker recliner. Of course, the fabric rocker recliner is also cheap, compared to amazon or Houzz. My husband didn't even believe such a good fabric rocker recliner was so cheap.

Two months ago, I bought this wingback rocker recliner as a gift for my parents, who told me more than once that they were happy with the wingback rocker recliner. Although they are a lot worse, they don't feel uncomfortable sitting on it. My dad loves the swing of wingback rocker recliner, which he says makes him feel like a baby. My mom occasionally complains that it's easy to fall asleep because it's so comfortable sitting on the wingback rocker recliner. All in all, they loved the wingback rocker recliner.