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This blue leather recliner chair: backrest and footstool can be adjusted through the side handles.
This blue leather recliner chair has a wide seating area and plenty of room to sit on this blue leather recliner chair, and you won't feel crowded.
This blue leather recliner chair with a back and footstool can be adjusted by the side handle, very convenient, through this function, you can also adjust a most comfortable position.

This lane rocker recliner is a nice lounge chair, and of course this chair is also suitable for other rooms, depending on your preferences.
The lane rocker recliner will provide you with comfortable, and increased shaking functions. Gentle rocking back and forth is comfortable for both adults and babies. This lane rocker recliner's heavy cushions add comfort to your comfort level while relaxing. The lane rocker recliner USES durable leather upholstery for easy cleaning and regular care.

This extra large recliner has full padding, back and arms to make people feel more comfortable.
This extra large recliner also has a rocker function.
The extra large recliner leather is soft, its surface material and polyurethane, which can increase the softness and durability of the seats.
This extra large recliner filled CA117 flame retardant foam.
The lounge chair also has a large feature of removable, easy to move and location.
The hand assembles all steel structure and steel rocker base, to increase strength and support, strong and durable.
Curved wire spring and high density sponge cushion, comfortable seat
Lock type movable holder with beautiful pocket coil holder.