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The big man recliner has a large back and wide seat for larger individuals, up to 500 pounds.
The big man recliner is fully recumbent and has the length of a king-size mattress.
This big man recliner is designed for larger people. It is characterized by high seat back and chair height. The comfortable design is built on enhanced architecture and design features that support up to 500 pounds. The big man recliner's protective wall is designed to move the chair forward while also saving the floor space that allows you to place your chair a few inches from the wall. The hide-a-chaise design offers an oversize, stuffed chaise chair and footrest to provide the best head-to-toe comfort.

This recliner with ottoman comes with a matching Ottoman. This recliner with Ottoman is wrapped in a solid metallic disk in a dark brown microfiber to match the overall decor. Both have comfortable padding and easy-to-clean microfiber interior decoration. This recliner with Ottoman pulls the chair in your favorite leaning chair, and the chair spins freely.
This recliner with ottoman is really great, I'm sure you'll like it.

The company provides all kinds of office furniture, whether for home or commercial use. Leather receptionists, this attractive microfiber recliner, have a sturdy frame with an easy to maintain, soft, microfiber fabric. This microfiber recliner has thick padding and wide arms. This microfiber recliner gives you an appropriate place to stretch back with a simple side-bar. It provides a modern feel for your body and features, close to the wall, and increase enjoyment. Include full-size ottoman to provide lasting support for your legs and tired feet, to stretch and help you relax. Put it in front of a flat screen or by the bed, and relax from the day's activities. This microfiber recliner USES elegant oak material with a variety of colors to choose from.
Modern luxury lounge chairs are comfortable for your body frame to maximize comfort and support.
Put this recliner in front of the TV.
In your living room, playroom or recreation area, the oak lounge looks good
Durable, easy to clean microfiber material soft touch.
The characteristics of the tilt near the wall.
Enjoy the extra leg support of the full Ottoman, which allows you to stretch your legs.
Chocolate, light brown and sage are available in a variety of colors.
The lateral lever is adjusted to the inclined direction.