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This automatic recliner USES a brown sugar texture velvet.
This automatic recliner can bring you completely casual and comfortable.
The special design of automatic recliner gives you superior comfort and support.
Lying on this automatic recliner, you will feel very comfortable and convenient. This elevator lounge chair is characterized by thick pillow arms and full-body comfortable texture velvet.

This brown recliner chair is an ideal product for all ability levels, the deck chair is equipped with an ascending function, help you climb up from his seat, and don't let back or knee strain. This brown recliner chair USES a remote control method to activate the skew function. This brown recliner chair is decorated with velvet.
You can buy this chair for friends, relatives, especially older people. This brown recliner chair is perfect, not too soft, but not too hard. It gives support when it's comfortable.

This living room recliner chairs is a very nice chair. It looks very smart. The living room recliner chairs are sturdy and durable, and you'll feel comfortable and comfortable sitting in this chair.
The living room recliner chairs design emphasizes that the chair combines three functional elements: rotation, firm and comfortable. This brown backrest and seat design for the living room recliner chairs is for the ultimate comfort. Whether it's reading a book or watching sports, it's the living room recliner chairs everyone wants to sit in. Comfortable gliding and modern design make this lounge chair a complement to your study, bedroom, living room or basement fashion. It really fits the chair of any room in your home.
Fashion lounge chair.
Multi-functional chair.
Comfortable back, arms, and soft adhesive leather.
The retractable footrest system provides leg support when it opens and hides when it is closed.